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Debian Stretch Auto-Expand Script Now Available!

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I previously have released auto-expanding scripts that will check if the disk is needing to be expanded, and will handle that. Due to most of my code relying on raspi-config, I have to update these scripts with every major release. I have done Wheezy and Jessie, and now Stretch. Check out the article to download!

Raspberry Pi Model B Version 1.2 enters marketplace; Breaks images created on Version 1.1

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So unless you have been buying Raspberry Pi Model B’s lately, and trying to use older images on them, chances are you have no idea that there is much of a difference between current and older models. Apparently, a new version of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, version 1.2, has made its way into… Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Installing Google Chromium/Chrome on Raspbian Jessie

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In one of my previous articles I covered on how to turn your Raspberry Pi into an kiosk style display board using Chromium under wheezy. The problem for Jessie, is that Chromium does not (just checked.. Not there) exist in the package repository for Raspbian. This means you cannot use apt-get to install it. But,… Read More »

Raspberry Pi: Auto-Expand File System Shell Script

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So with work, we have developed a process to develop and distribute software for Raspberry Pi’s for many purposes ranging from Menu Boards, to Kiosks all under Raspbian. One of the critical failures of this process, is the learning curve of configuration once they are being deployed. Before, the Support Team had to have an understanding… Read More »

Raspberry Pi, HIDAPI 0.7.0, MagTek Magnetic Swipe Reader and Raspbian Linux – How to make it work

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If you are like me, hopefully by now you have had the same thought I had.. Keyless Entry Room with Magnetic Striped Cards. YES. Leonard Nimoy would approve of this level of geek-dom.  However, that’s not how this started, and I don’t like Star Trek. This all started listening to my boss on a conference… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Tricks: Shrinking .img files of SD Cards

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At my day job, we use Raspberry Pi’s. We use them, a lot. So naturally, we see a problems or processes that are difficult, and streamline them as best as possible. Being the primary Raspberry Pi developer here, I had a need to shrink down the images for easy transport to our corporate office, across state… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Tricks: Disable Virtual Terminal Switching

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Part of my day job consists of contorting Raspberry Pi’s into things that we can use for our locations across the world, to either simplify a process, or have greater control of the devices operating system itself. Being that they can run a host of Linux based operating systems from Raspbian, to Arch, and even… Read More »