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Tip: Don’t Crawl entire WordPress sites with Google Search Console

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So while playing with this WordPress website, I have found seen and done some interesting things using Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). It has taken me some time to understand the entirety of my faults, and where I went wrong. When you have Google crawl your site, it follows every clickable link embedded in… Read More »

WordPress Iconic One Theme – Calendar Appearance

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So recently I posted how to make the WordPress Theme Iconic One be easier to use with Data Highlighting for Google Search Console. Since then I have found another issue that is purely aesthetic, but can be easily solved. When using the calendar to show the date activity, the links do not stand out like… Read More »

WordPress, SEO, and Google Rankings – How to get found.

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So if you are new to the world of web development, or even a seasoned developer like myself, you may or may not have heard of SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and literally can make or break your website. SEO is what drives your websites ranking or score up, to show up as more… Read More »

WP Iconic One Theme and SEO – How to comma separate the category tags.

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So as I was trolling around with my site yesterday, I found the theme Iconic One through the WordPress Panel. Its great. Decent customization, looks good, and above all, it works. So when I was working on the Data Highlighting options of Google’s Search Console, I noticed that Google didn’t read the category’s correctly, due… Read More »

Well then..

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Well, vacation is officially is full swing and as I write this, I have had over 800 attempts of hacking attempts. 863 attempts at ruining my tiny blog. So far WordPress is holding up. Maybe there is some merit to this? I have yet to get a hard drive to load up Kali, but Ill… Read More »

Whitehat Time!

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So its now 7:30 pm on the first day of WordPress, and we have jumped to a whopping 180+ attempts at ‘malicious login attempts’. Okay.. so what are they seeing that makes them go ‘Oh lets hack that one?’ Is it automated? Or is it legitimately vulnerable? After watching a ton of security videos and… Read More »


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Its 10 am, and I am sitting at work itching to go home already so I can tinker with this WordPress stuff. I figured I would check out my site and make sure I didn’t get completely destroyed yet. Only to find that I have had about 93 malicious login attempts. In less than 24… Read More »