Raspberry Pi Model B Version 1.2 enters marketplace; Breaks images created on Version 1.1

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So unless you have been buying Raspberry Pi Model B’s lately, and trying to use older images on them, chances are you have no idea that there is much of a difference between current and older models. Apparently, a new version of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, version 1.2, has made its way into the marketplace, somewhat unannounced, which causes images built on the previous model version 1.1.

The issue with the compatibility is likely the drivers required for the new Broadcom Chipset the V1.2 utilizes, the BCM2837 (BCM2837RIFBG), versus the V1.1, which has BCM2836 (BCM2836RIFBG).

However, if you are not imaging them on a large scale, this probably won’t affect you. Along with the release of these Pi’s, there is also the Raspbian Stretch image, which likely holds support for the newer chipset. I am currently trying to get my hands on this version, so I can test the upgrade & update options to see if those rectify these issues, or find out if we are already about to lay Jessie to bed so quickly.

Stay tuned.

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