A lot has happened.

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So over the past few months, I have moved into my own apartment, worked on my car, played a lot of games, and made a lot of videos too. These can be seen on my Youtube Channel.

I have been working on a few projects including the Laptop USB Keyboard, which is a laptop keyboard, re-purposed to work over USB. That is still in the works as I am trying to figure out where the resistors go. Having some issues though. I am also working on a project that uses a old laptop screen to make a hanging ‘picture frame’ type of box that you can control the screen remotely through an embedded web app. Have to make a case for it, but need a new nozzle for the 3d printer, as those tend to give out about every 8 months. What do you expect from a $8 brass nozzle?

Currently, I am working with Raspberry Pi’s to do real work, like Beer Brewing Controllers, Satellite Monitoring Daemons, and a killer toy turret. Most of that wont be on the video or here, but the ones previously mentioned will be.

I have also got a new car! Something that’s not mentioned on the Youtube channel (yet).

Either way, I am still alive and as active as ever, just a lower completion rate. Over time, I will start updates again once I get a few other projects into a better state.

Until then, keep on tinkering.

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