Holy Inactivity..

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So I have basically fallen off the face of the Earth (again) and will probably keep doing so as projects keep me busy.

I have started a couple things in the last few months, that are going to ultimately be awesome. Some, are just life things.

The first of which is I am moving in February from a 4 bedroom house (shared with 2 roommates), of which 2 rooms I occupy. One room is my bedroom, complete with a bed, a closet full of clothes, and a few bedside tables, and the other room with all of my IT gear, complete with APC NetShelter Rack, a 3D Printer, 4×2 Foot Desk, 3 monitors and bad ass PC. All of this has to now has to fit in a 1 bedroom apartment. How you ask? Simply put, I don’t know. Still trying to figure out how I am going to cleanly organize all of this in my sub-800 sq. ft. apartment without looking like a Disaster Response Team.

After the move, I will be embarking on a journey of fixing a 1996 GS-R Integra, and beyond. If you want to know more about that, check out my YouTube channel here, and watch some of me and my friends do some stupid gaming stuff too.

That brings me to another project. Project: YouTube. I have decided to start populating random ass content of gaming, automotive, and just general stuff.

Hopefully once I move here in a few weeks, I can get organized and start working on things a little more quickly because I have some Raspberry Pi gadgets I want to build.

Until then, everything is kind of on pause. So we will see you in February.

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