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Almost everyone these days has a laptop, however very few people keep it organized correctly. As a result, when their OS crashes, it makes the lives of the Technician behind the keyboard, nervous and flustered. Luckily in the case of the Toshiba I am working on, things are kept nicely stored in their respective folders.

Windows has a series of folders for each user to keep things organized like Music, Videos and Pictures. It is in your best interest to use these like the owner of this Toshiba did, and here is why.

When having troubles identifying and resolving computer problems, it is essential to backup your precious data and prevent any further loss of information. To do this, we can’t go on your computer and find things that you use often. So because of that, we have to rip your hard drive out, and load it up manually like a really big USB drive. Everything from then on is folders, and files. We can’t see your desktop. We then hunt down the data in its various places, and begin the transfer to a reliable location.

If you don’t keep your data in organized folders, and common places, we won’t find it, and you won’t get it. Simply put. That is unless you want to shell out the $60-80 for a new hard drive for your laptop simply so we can clone it in case we missed something. Chances are, we aren’t going to buy that ourselves.

Fortunately for my clients, I am willing to shell out that investment, because realistically, if they don’t need it in the long run, I will use it for portable storage. After all, the Macbook Air SSD’s aren’t that big.

Keep your data organized, if not backed up.

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